❤️ It is with sadness that The Little Red Bookstore is NOW CLOSED. Due to this pandemic, since everything is available online, going digital & several copies are made online, we would not be able to sustain the quarterly expense as it has been not making that much profit on a daily/monthly basis. That being said, we are on a CLOSING OUT SALE on the website on 4 special dates for only 24hrs: 10.10, 10.23-10.25, 11.11 12.12! EVERYTHING IS ON SALE ON THESE SPECIAL DATES ON THE WEBSITE. No promo codes needed but shipping fees apply.

We cannot thank you enough from the support & trust of all book lovers & book worms who have been part for the past 2 years or so, from Instagram & Facebook. Our giveaway is still on-going so get that TOP FAN BADGE on Facebook to join! Our heartfelt thank you.. Stay safe & be kind. 📚


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